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Author Topic: OLD POST - FAQ: Distant Memory - Please ignore.  (Read 3222 times)
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Hi there, sorry to begin with that you are seeing this featured on the front page of the Cave, I didn't realise it was going to be there so err sorry about that but thanks for downloading from me, I really am glad that I can give something to the Sims Community.

Anyway this is just a very simple standard FAQ that replaces what is usual in every RAR file that I make. It's purpose really is to detail how the object was made and what Expansion Packs have been used, if you have downloaded a pose box then this has details of the pose boxes available. If on the other hand it was an object then I will tell you what it was made from and again what Expansion Packs were used. Typically though I tend to clone from Base Objects where possible.

1. Terms of Use / Creative Commons

First things first though, I do need to point out that I do have a very basic terms of use in place. Firstly my content is covered under a creative commons license, which to cut a long story extremely short states, if its a written piece of work you can't claim it as your own, however if its a Sims Object like a Table, Suit of Armour or Posebox then while you can't claim it as your own work, you can if you want recolour it.

2. Technical Specifications: Pose Boxes

All my pose boxes are made in the following way:

- Cloned from Paul's Test Reaction Object
- Base Game and All Expansion Packs were enabled
- Each Pose will last between 5 - 10 Seconds
- Special or Limited Edition Boxes have a Pause Feature added.
- Stop Pose Feature / Snap Reset included.

The following is a list of current available pose boxes on The Sims Cave.

- [REQUEST] - TS3 to TS2 Conversion Posebox - by Distant_Memory/Destiny1331
- [SPECIAL EDITION] - TS3 to TS2 Conversion Posebox by Distant_Memory/Destiny1331
- [FINAL Ver] - Relax Posebox - by Destiny1331-Distant_Memory
- [REQUEST] - Soccer Request Posebox - by Destiny1331-Distant_Memory
- [ORIGINAL] - Scary Kids Posebox by Destiny1331
- [ORIGINAL] - Dirty Dancing Poses by Destiny1331/Distant_Memory
- [ORIGINAL] - Assassins Posebox by Distant_Memory
- [ORIGINAL] - Locker Room Posebox by Distant_Memory
- [REQUEST] - Archery Conversion Posebox by Distant_Memory
- [ORIGINAL] - Sitting Posebox by Distant_Memory
- [ORIGINAL] - Sexual Posebox by Distant_Memory
- [ORIGINAL] - Figure Skating Posebox by Distant_Memory
- [ORIGINAL] - Highlander & Raven Posebox by Distant_Memory
- [ORIGINAL] - Toddler & Child Posebox by Distant_Memory
- [REQUEST] - Detective Posebox
- [REQUEST] - Boomerang Posebox
- [REQUEST] - Spiderman Request Box by Disatnt_Memory
- [REQUEST] - Kuroshitsuji Posebox - distant_memory
- [ORIGINAL] - Fireplace Posebox - Distant_Memory
- [REQUEST] - A Couple Posebox - Distant_Memory
- [REQUEST] - Sorasunao-Pose Conversion Box - by distant_memory
- [REQUEST] - Fierce Klub Conversion Box - by distant_memory (Sorasunao Posebox alt name)
- [REQUEST] - Dark Street Conversion Box - by distant_memory
- [REQUEST] - Erotic Pose Conversion Box - Distant_Memory
- [REQUEST] - Erotic Pose Conversion Box_v2 - Distant_Memory
- [ORIGINAL] - BDSM posebox by Distant_Memory
- [REQUEST] - Couples Request Posebox by Distant_Memory
- [REQUEST] - Pole Dancer Conversion Box
- [REQUEST] - Ninja Conversion Box
- [REQUEST] - Zombie Request Box

3. Technical Specifications: Objects, Clothes, Recolours and Meshes

Where possible the following conditions have been met for creation of Objects, Clothes and Meshes (Including Recolours)

- Made from Base Game or Cloned Items from Base Game and ALL EP's Enabled
- Custom Meshes or Recolours have come from Base Game clothing

Wallpaper & Flooring

- Made using Homecrafter Plus

4 . Accreditation and Thanks

- SBB or LBB Clothing:

MAY have had cloned or amended Meshes from an other creator, however I make it my policy to try and use as old a mesh as possible to avoid stepping on anyone else's toes. It is not in my nature to take without giving thanks where possible, however due to circumstances its not always possible for me to recall where an item has come from originally so if you see it as possibly something that has been done by you in the past, thanks and sorry I never got in touch personally before hand.

- Special Edition or Limited Edition Features

Certain BHAV Code within some Pose Boxes has been duplicated either by hand or using SimPE from Freezer Clock by Treega, most of the coding looks like it has come from within the Sims BHAV codes however I am not completely certain which is why I have put the credit with Treega. However the Snap BHAV is a function from within the Sims Game and is used by many creators. The Motive Code was originally part of a tutorial on the SimPE Website which I have since adapted and made use of in some objects, the literal weight BHAV is from within the game itself.

5.Sims (inc Self Sims)

Unless otherwise specified self sims have been supplied with all the custom content listed on their Sims2Pack Clean Installer Graphic, with exception of additional clothing, that will be supplied or link provided on post.

6. Beta Meshes

Beta Meshes are meshes that while work may require further work as feedback and working with them in game occurs, such meshes will be improved over time and release as the need requires. However please be aware that you may encounter unexpected results from time to time.

7. Distant_Memory / Destiny1331/DaveEK

If you have downloaded this creation from the Sims Cave then you will find that it has the by line of Distant_Memory. If you download any of my other creations from the Sims Writers Garden, then you may find that the object may have the by line of Destiny1331.

DaveEK is a talented texture editor who from time to time gets handed the textures I am about to bin and give up as a bad idea. He salvages them and turns them into something useable because of his endless patience. This is why he has earned a credit in the Readme as well as on some of the more complex Meshing works.

Thank you again for downloading and please feel free to Comment on this post, PM or Email me if there is anything and I will reply to you as well as help you [if needed] as best I can.
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