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Title: A quick reminder about uploading your creations and Sims please read! (updated)
Post by: sorasunao on July 27, 2013, 02:01:03 pm
Since recently there has been new uploads without proper download links and with gigantic pictures again I figured that I'd remind everybody about the uploading rules ( (and yes, these apply to Sims 2 and Sims 3 areas both):

We noticed that many people come to SC just to upload sims. It is something good, yes, but it can also be bad. Anything can come up. We'll post some rules and we hope you guys read them before posting. Nothing too strict, just some regulations to make the place look better.  ;)

We do hope you understand

EDIT: Also, we'll have to merge some topics for some sims look the same, have the same facial structure, body structure, just changed hair, makeup and clothes


*Image size shouldn't be bigger than 800x600 - but try to keep the file size as low as possible, for example by saving as .jpg instead of .png. Or if you use photoshop or such there should be "save for web and devices" option that let's you lower the image quality so it will load up faster.
*Provide at least 1 clear picture of your sim;
*A unique facial structure; similar sim threads will be merged or removed
*Post credits and links;
*No pay TSR will be allowed. Your thread will be removed;
*Add an appropriate link to a file host (eg: mediafire,,

The staff reserves the right to remove postings that are not following the above rules.
Boldings by me to highlight the most important parts. Link to your blog does not count as an appropriate link to file host, you need to add direct link to mediafire, box etc. However you can also leave a link to your blog/site/forum along with the download link in your uploads, just format it for example like "More of my creations at *link to your site*" or however you see most fitting. Alternatively if your main reason to post upload here is to advertise your own site/forum/blog you can also alert me of new updates on your site. Just PM me with link to your site and I'll post them to the updates!

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