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Title: Decorative Pedestal End Tables by Distant_Memory
Post by: distant_memory on May 14, 2012, 06:02:58 pm

I extracted these four pedestals from Sims 3, they were originally coloumns, however I decided to turn them into decorative end tables. I have kept them at a low reasonable price but you are more than welcome to change it if you like.

Download: DistantSims (

Technical Details

- Cloned with Base Game & All EPs Enabled
- Extracted from Sims 3 Originally
- Objects can sit on them [SEE NOTE FOR DETAILS]
- Located in: Decorative - Misc
- Cost 45
- Features Four Designs


Although the picture shows three of the four end tables with an object placed on them, I would caution against doing so; they are not really meant to have an objects places on them with out the use of OMSP.