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Title: Tramp Stamp Clothing Project - [Caution ADULT Themed Content]
Post by: distant_memory on April 18, 2012, 11:08:42 am
Greetings and Welcome to the Tramp Stamp Clothing Project;

I'll bet the first thing you are wondering is what on earth is this Tramp Stamp Clothing Project, well put simply this is a clothing line for Lady Sims that have a shall we say questionable reputation and dress sense. It's also a clothing range that as far as I can see no one has actually thought to make, and if they have well lets just say that are keeping it very quiet...

Shall we start this thread with the Technical Spec's:

- Download: DistantSims (
- Maxis Base Game Clothing Used for all Garments
- Works with Base Game and All EP's
- Underware texture amended from Fitchick See-Thru Undies by HWT - Due to a User request the links have had to be removed for these outfits.
- Mesh and Body Shape Maxis Standard
- Dresses will Feature as Everyday/Outwear or Everyday/Underware



Day Dress and Purple Leopard Dress Featured.


Skirt, Bra, Boots & Bra, Pants and Boots.


Pants & Boots [Nipples appear when different skin tones are used] & Leopard Dress


Skirt, Bra, Boots & Leopard Print Dress