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Title: Antonia Dickens
Post by: nadzicle on December 30, 2011, 09:20:57 pm
Antonia Dickens
Young Adult | Female
Athletic | Dislikes Children | Vehicle Enthusiast | Handy | Rebellious


Antonia doesn't have much of a story. She grew up in a normal house, with normal parents, and normal siblings.
She's always had a bit of a rebellious streak, although sometimes her softer side wins out.
Loves her cars, and fixing things up, and hates kids. Although if she got stuck with one, she'd make a good parent.

CC List: Hair 1 ( | Hair 2 ( | Nails ( | Bracelet ( | Lipstick ( | Freckles ( (as blush) | Eyeliner (
Swim & Sleepwear ( | Everyday ( (store clothes) (formal is from TLS, I think)

Sliders: Facial ( | Ears ( | Body (

Download: .sim ( | .sims3pack ( (with CC included)

I hope you like her, but not so much that you would upload her to a paysite or try to claim her as your own. If you do put her into your game, I would love to see how she looks, though I'm not demanding you do that. =] Thank you, and enjoy!

Title: Re: Antonia Dickens
Post by: nhoxthichan_thichuong on December 31, 2011, 10:31:50 am
Her face so  :angel: