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Title: Sweeney Todd
Post by: MoSweeney on November 13, 2010, 01:39:46 pm
"...ya good friend Sweeney!"


This is my 2nd sim I'm posting here. ;)
You may know this awesome musical and this Burton movie with Johnny Depp,Helena Bonham Carter and Ala Rickman.So I've taken time and created the demon barber.He don't look so accurate as in the movie,there is no hait with a seperate streak on the right side.
In his everday clothes you can see how he appears in the whole movie,the pinstripe pants,brown waistcoat,his blouse and the neckerchief.
As his fomal clothes I used the design of his apperance in the song "By The Sea".
I don't now what's his sleeping clothes, so I made a white pyjama for him.
His athletic and swim clothes are inspired by the black-white striped Victorian swimsuit what he has worn at the song "By The Sea"

Good Sense Of Humor

Food: Fruit Pie
Music: Classic Music
Colour: Black

EPs required:
World Adventures,Ambitions

Required CC:
Actually I used for the Hair the Newsea "Lillium" one.If it's not included,there you'll got it:

Every other CC is .sims3pack and included!;)


Have fun with this sim!I'll upload more here if I can.Sorry,if my Englich sucks,I'm Austrian...