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Title: my works
Post by: Vetka on August 31, 2010, 12:34:04 pm
Let me introduce you to their work))
Frankly, I do not remember any additional materials I stand .. But I can give references, if necessary on defaulted eyes, skintony, mod on skintony and defaulted entity.
I want to introduce you to a mini story without end)) Sorry for my bad English
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I cooked dinner and decided to call his father .. In the garden, I found him tseluyuschegosya with it .. I do not even know what to do .. I understand that my father deserved happiness, but I am afraid that it will no longer love me ..
My name is Marisol
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This picture has always stood on the table, my father ... Yes and I am here 14 years and I am smiling, because with my father walked in the park)) .. And now it appeared ..
I'm not complaining, just offends me ..
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My father never let me spoiled, he just had no time .. It was all in the affairs .. I was always babysitting and maid brought up .. From the nurse, I learned to be friendly. I am fond of sports and the captain of the school support group ..
Because my father was never involved in the house, I learned to cook and gardener to be .. And now he does not have, because he has it ((
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