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Title: TSR and Sharing! ~Read Again~
Post by: Charlotte on April 05, 2008, 05:21:28 pm
Modified to clarify and because people aren't taking this seriously!

These rules apply to both Sims 2 and Sims 3 TSR files.

  • Any request regarding TSR will earn you a warning. Your topic will be locked and moved to The Midden.
  • If you see a request for TSR files please report it to a Moderator or Admin. We will clean up the mess.
  • DO NOT PM random people and ask if they have subs to TSR. DO NOT ask if they can get files for you. If we hear of this happening, your account here will be banned. A public request will earn you a warning, PM'ing people you don't know and asking them to share things from TSR is a huge no-no. DON'T DO IT! :nono:
  • TSR is a pain in the ass.  Creating a section for TSR sharing is a pain in the ass and makes us worry about our forum. There never will be a section for sharing TSR files here nor will we ever share the files in any other way on this forum. The answer is No and will always be No to these questions.
  • Yes, the booty takes a while and they may not have everything, but they are the only place that ensures the safety of the subscribers/sharers.
  • We do have a general idea about the tracking tokens and how they work (we do have former booty team on our staff), what we don't know is how to remove them. Removing the trackers isn't a matter of renaming the file, un-raring and re-raring, changing dates, etc. If you need more information about removing them, ask Pescado yourself - don't ask us to ask for you.

These rules are here not because we are big meanies. They ensure the safety of the forum and our members. It also saves us some sanity. If you do need help regarding TSR, please ask in the Tech Help section rather than through PM. That way any member of staff that is online will be able to help you.  We won't bite your head off so if you are confused, don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks for reading,
The Sims Cave Staff