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Title: Male Sim created by [Epic]
Post by: Ndepic on January 17, 2010, 05:51:54 pm

*** Do not duplicate or fix and share of my creations (also Items are not included)
It is not very good sim at all but i thought it would be good to use as one of neighborhood.(in fact he is my failure in process of making other sim but i gave him a few fix and now he looks like a Female)
Enjoy your Sims~!!
Download :

this is just a beginning, the ugliest one out of all my sims... lolz planning to upload them one by one at my Blog <--- Mostly in korean but the Sims Sharing area is in english.
Please visit my blog for more information and better pics of the sims

*** i didn't know how to share my sims in simscave so i posted here, if it isn't the right place, please do tell me so i can fix it.

This other male sim is currently being shared at my blog