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Title: Kaoru Hirabayashi: Jrocker (TS3)
Post by: okunioichichan on January 03, 2010, 10:50:42 pm
Transferred from My BEST Looking sim (male) thread


About Kaoru Hirabayashi
Traits- Charismatic, Good, Computer-whiz, Virtuoso, and Inappropriate
Favorites- Goopy Carbonara, Classical music, and the color Red
Lifetime Wish- To become a Hit Movie Composer

Once a prodigious child virtuoso, Kaoru loved playing classical violin. Frustrated though, with the pressure and judgmental attitude of the lifestyle he was heading into, he made a drastic change during high school in both himself and his appearance. He switched from violin to writing songs on his guitar and changed his neat style to fit his newer crazier personality. Consequentially, this isolated him from the classmates and family who thought they once knew him. On the outside is a charismatic extrovert, both insensitive and indifferent. On the inside though, lies a boy who loves computer games and unwillingly plays the role of the good guy because that's just who he is, a good guy. Fresh out of college, he cannot stray from his love of music and pursues a career in it. Will this babyface ultimately have the mask he worked so hard to build shattered by love and acceptance? Or will the harsh, unforgiving world of musical entertainment once again change him even further from himself?

Here's the custom content info:

Skin: Insides In by CDollie at garden of shadows
(Recommended, I don't know what he'll look like without it.)
Eyebrow: eyebrows by subaxi found at simscave in the netshow section
Hair: Peggy conversion J099 by cA♥Zy at her website

Casual: ALEX's sims3 Amoutfit no.2 at (pants and shirt)
Accessories: Adult Male Headphones at

Makeup (comes with sim)
Eyeliner: cat liner by papercat at her blog
Eyeshadow: Eyeliner - plume -  by Subaxi at simscave
Contacts: Twilight Eye at

Kaoru with all the trimmings (cc):
saved sims file-
.sims3pack file-
Kaoru sans cc (except makeup and eyebrows) aka pre-change Kaoru:
saved sims file-
.sims3pack file-

front CAS, profile CAS, and v.2 (sans cc aka pre-change)
( ( (

Enjoy ♥ I have also posted him at gardenofshadows

Title: Re: Kaoru Hirabayashi: Jrocker (TS3)
Post by: Catherine on January 07, 2010, 07:14:00 am
Cute, cute, cute !!! ^-^